Planning a Grand Teton Wedding 

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Jackson Hole Weddings

What if you had an expert guide in planning your wedding? Thats is where I come in! 95% of our clients don't live in the area. It can be difficult to plan out all the details without being here. This day means almost as much to me, as it does to you. You deserve the an experience unlike any other! Here you will find the best Jackson Hole wedding planners, officiants, bakers, florist and more!

I've been capturing weddings for 13+ years now, And to be honest - I could plan a wedding in a day. Here is a guide to help you plan a Jackson hole wedding or elopement with the best vendors around.

How to plan your Jackson Hole Wedding

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Are you eloping?

Planning a big wedding?

Imagine it. You two, and officiant, amazing photographer and videographer and NATURE.  Having an intimate wedding can also be full of so much adventure and fun.  Even with it being intimate you still may want some vendors to take off some of your stress. This is a best place to start!

 A magical day full of friends and family. A big wedding requires a lot of help. Lucky for you I have compiled a list of the best vendors for you to choose from. They are committed to you having the best experience possible. Having a dream team of vendors really does make a difference!

my tips & tricks to planning a stress free wedding

The effective tips to make your wedding stress free


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IMAGINE YOUR DAY AS A Love and Story Studio
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The MOST important factor in choosing a photographer is that you have a connection not only to their work, but to them.

Likewise it's important for us that there is a connection. We don't want to be strangers showing up to a wedding. That connection is essential to being able to document your event! Because of this we don't accept every wedding that comes our way. If we don't feel we are the right fit, we are more than happy to help you find one that will!

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