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Want to know my secret to storytelling? How to get to the core of who you are as a couple, how to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and deliver priceless images? It's all about creating something unique and special.

we specialize in capturing the real moments

creating an experience

How we create an experience and exceed your expectations


Want to know what I don't want? I don't want you to just download those images and leave them on your hard drive to gather dust. I want you to have a physical and tangible reminder of your love all over the wall and home. I want your friends and family to come over and see and feel your love. I want your kids to ask you about your story. I want those images to be a testament of your love and stand the test of time, no matter what this life brings.  Images should last forever - just like your love. 

We care about who you are at your core - your love and your story


So many of my couples are destination couples trying to plan their wedding with google searches.. They either bring a van full of family and friends, or our team are the ones signing their license as witnesses. Having captured hundreds of weddings, we know how to plan a wedding and fast. Trying to make a budget work? We can help!  Want to know the best place to get a cake or flowers? The best places to stay? Where to get permits? What time to start and all those little details. Well, we can help, and we want to help! Most of all what we want to accomplish is creating a timeline to serves your needs, values, budget, and experience.

 HELPING you have the best experience with expert advice to guide you. 


We have a fast turn around rate of 4 weeks after your wedding or event. 

It's important to us that you get the images when you still have your "giddy wedding love" . You know, when the emotions and memories are still really fresh in your mind. 

While shooting we will always try to take some images and videos with our cell phones so you have some instant memories to share with friends, family, and online.

Fast turn around


Hear me out. I know it's all important. The venue, dress, weather, cake, guests, etc. But, I have some hard facts for you. Photography and videography is the ONLY thing besides your love that will last. I have heard horror stories of couples losing their wedding images, the photographer not showing up or doing a poor job. In that moment they had INSTANT regret. That doesn't have to be your story.

Invest in your story. Invest in your day to be perfectly captured. Invest in your legacy - the testament of your love and your story. 

THIS IS A testament of your love.


One thing I have learned as a Jackson Hole wedding photographer is that everyone has a vision for their wedding, but sometimes that gets lost in other's opinions. I am here to advocate for you and what you want. I am here to help you have the best experience and the wedding you always dreamed of. 

Your experience means everything to me. I'm not only your long lost friend- I am the perfect third wheel. 

dedicated to you and your vision

step one

Early in my career as a wedding photographer I learned that the more I knew the couple, their loved ones, + their love story, the more genuine and impactful the storytelling became.
I want to know what makes you tick, What you love about each other. I want to know your hopes and dreams as well as your fears and insecurities. We are able to shoot emotional images because we emotionally get on your level.  

I want to know all about you as individuals. What were some important love stories and examples in your life? What did you admire about that love, and how did that shape you? I want to know about your family dynamics (don't worry - I think all families are a little quirky). I want to know your Aunt Linda so well we can tell her where to go rock hounding after your wedding. 

To know you gives us the opportunity to authentically and genuinely capture YOU.


step two

I am an adventure seeker. Do you want something full of adventure? Or are you wanting something more candid, but directed at the same time? Well good news for you is that we can do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Because it's not what we want. It's about you and your experience. 

Sometimes that means you don't know what you want! I get that feeling - it can all be overwhelming. However it doesn't have to be that way. I can give you example galleries to give you an idea of what some couples choose to do. 

From there we can chat about what you liked and what you didn't like. We can create something custom and perfect for you!

After all this is YOUR story right? It's not going to do your love and your story and justice to just copy what everyone on social media does. Because of this I will help you come up with ideas you may not be able to vocalize. I'm truly here to help!

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera - I get it. 
Not everyone is comfortable in their own body - I get it. 
Not everyone wants to be posed - I get it. 

I get it because I have been there. I get it because at one point or another I have been all of those things. 

However I a m a firm believer that by the end you will feel comfortable in front of the camera, in your own body, while getting the candid images your want so badly.

How can I do this? Practice, and over a decade of experince.



"We are not photogenic AT ALL. He hates to smile in photographs, We’re always so awkward in front of the camera and I never know what to do with my hands!”  Does that sound familiar? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I wouldn't need to work! 

Through my years of experience, we have masted a formula to help all of our clients feel beautiful, empowered, and free to express their emotions regardless if they are comfortable in front of the camera or not. We will never ask you to do it yourself. You hired us to make you look good, and that is a job we take seriously. When you look back at these images we want you to agains feel beautiful, empowered, and emotional.

In order to give my clients the best of me and the best experience I have to limit the amount of weddings that I do and that Sadie does. I have to put my mental health and passion for photography as a top priority. 

By doing so Sadie and I can give each couple the attention and experience they deserve! 

Also, it allows for Sadie and I to be on stand by. We are each other's backup in case something happens to either of us and needs to cover the other.

That's how important your wedding is to us.

Want to know what's worse than a photographer that is too busy to tend to your story? A burned out photographer who has been overworked and tired. One who doesn't feel creative or find joy in their job.

There were many years I felt this way. I took on way too much and it crushed my creative juices. I was just simply going through all the motions. 

Then something amazing happened. I had the realization that if I truly cared about my clients, their story, and experience I would take better care of myself.


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You deserve someone who genuinely cares- not only about your images but your experience as well. In order for that to happen, and for each couple to have our time and expertise we have to make sure we are a good fit. I don’t take every wedding that inquires. It’s so important that we work with the right couples. Only then can we capture an emotional love story. 

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